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Rome, Lazio

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Where I feel at ease, I am myself surrounded by friends and family.

First thing you thought when you arrived in Italy?

Coffee! Must get the best coffee in town.

What advice would you give to a tourist?

Don’t act too touristy. Guard your items. Leave the hats and gigantic map/books at home. You can’t get lost in Rome, wherever you go you’ll still be able to find a way back.  Go to il Giardino degli Aranci for beautiful views… and learn the correct pronounciation of “Grazie” (hint: change the “e” to an “a” sound!)

Best place for a romantic holiday in Rome?

Rome is fantastic for night walks at Trastevere and the city center, sunsets at Castel Sant’Angelo, make it a point to kiss every time you see a fountain! That makes Rome extra special.

What would you do if you were Mayor for one day?

Fix the traffic system and public transportation. We are living in 2017, it’s time we have an intelligent and fast traffic system. Also, fix the method and bureaucracies in the government sectors. Modernize the system and get efficient people on the job! Move your people. I would also have a “clean up Rome” for the morning, then have a big festival along the corso with food stalls and live music and art and dancers – then of course another clean up!

Earliest Rome memory?

From the films, I thought Rome was very prestigious and clean and the people very friendly. It’s pretty much true, except for the cleanness. For example, Taiwan is super clean but there are no rubbish bins in public! Food for thought it’s the mentality of the people who work together and keep it clean. Always.

Best meal you’ve had in Rome?

Can’t beat Carciofi alla Giudia with a prosecco or an aperol spritz. But roman style beans & cicoria are pretty amazing too! Never had a bad meal, but I’d eat pizza con fiori di zucca anyday! 🙂

If you could buy any building in Rome, which would it be?

The Pantheon! But I would share it with everyone…

What are your favorite late-night hangouts in Rome?

Luppolo Station, 420, Big Mama – all in Trastevere. The ice cream shop in front of my house, too! 🙂

What is your favorite Rome discovery?

The ancient part of the city that you can still visit underground in certain places/churches or museums. Rome feels safe at night: I love walking home from dinner, past the piazzas and the fountains.

Best advice for other students?

Be quick to adapt to the culture and lifestyle of the Italians, we are here in a foreign land, everything is supposed to be different from home: that’s why it is called an ADVENTURE! In terms of language, try to adopt the Italian accent system as best as you can, not easy but once you get the hang at it, it makes everything else so clear, since in Italian the position of an accent can change the meaning of a word (or a sentence), and even raising or lowering the tone of your voice can make a difference between a statement and a question!

Don’t be afraid to speak and make mistakes! It’s the hardest but best way to learn a new language!

by Kay, student @ Kappa Language School in Rome

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