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Where to go in Puglia…..visit Brindisi and more

Who is your best Italian teacher?

Definetely a talented person who is passionate for his personal Italian identity, someone who loves his land, culture and landscapes.

Therefore, the best combination to visit Puglia is getting guided by your Italian teacher. She or he will lead you exactly where usually goes with family and friends. Why? Because your teacher knows that her/his heart belongs to all those magnificent places, made up of scented breeze, red soil, blue sky, monumental olive trees, picturesque old towns, smiling people.

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Ready to start? Andiamo!

Away from tourist routes, you may be impressed by the massive castle in the old town of Mesagne which embraces the old town facing the beautiful piazza Orsini del Balzo. That is the most typical example of the Italian Piazza from where the small and baroque Chiesa di Sant’ Anna shows up at its best. As consequence, that is a perfect spot for your aperitivo in the middle of the square. Now you can chill out while looking at the children playing football or at the locals having a passeggiata.  take this opportunity to chat in Italian with your teacher about the history and folklore of this town.

In Puglia, you will be never tired to visit new and interesting places. Even at 10 minutes distance from Mesagne, you will be surprised by a small town called Latiano. Apparently, it hides one of the most interesting small museum for the local rural society. Here they preserve old terracotta containers in any shape, which were used for any purpose. In Latiano you will find not a castle, but the old palazzo, where the old feudal lords lived.  Visit its big rooms equipped with pictures and Affresco.

Learning Italian through culture is one of the most interesting experience for students. Also enjoying a local pasticceria, one of the best, and tasting pasta di mandorle are part of the Italian culture.

About tasting, have you ever tasted ´Fichi mandorlati´? If not, then you must visit San Michele Salentino, a small village but with one of the largest variety in figs and almonds. In addition, its ´fico mandorlato´is a Slow Food registered product. Also, a small osteria and macelleria fornello pronto (butcher and restaurant together) are an incredible discovery to enjoy grilled meat. Here, locals speak only Italian, now it’s time to practise!

The above 3 towns are lined up along the Appian Way, Via Appia, which ends up in the city of Brindisi. It deserves a visit, in honour of old times. From the port, you will follow the boats, which approach the castle and the Roman columns. And from the terrace up to the stairs, the sight is amazing above the water front.

If the seaside is your favourite place, let´s drive along the Ionian coast. It represents not just a simple seaside area, but a place where the massive dunes will describe you the fascinating Mediterranean history. Over there, you can find all the scented Mediterranean plants, Macchia Mediterranea, dark green leaves in winter and colourful flowers and berries in Summer.  Open your eyes, this is not a dream, la Puglia è bella tutto l’anno!

Ciao dalla Puglia by Michela, teacher @ lacanto.it, Mesagne, Puglia

Read a student experience @ lacanto.it


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