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My name is Antonio Lucicesare, I am a teacher of Italian and a teacher trainer, based in London. After more than 10 years of teaching and blogging on I have decided to create a platform where students can search for Italian courses and read articles about learning Italian and visiting Italy.

I have created with a network of teachers, language experts and lovers of the Italian language. We have come together to share ideas and promote more unusual and interesting ways of learning Italian. I would like to thank everyone who has believed in this project from day 1.

We want to share our passion for Italy and the Italian language and our experience of teaching in a wide range of settings.

Choose a location, search for a school, and find the right course for you. If you can’t  find what you’re looking for, drop us an email and we can create a tailor-made course for you.

Our partners and schools are located throughout Italy and all across London.

We provide a variety of options to suit every preference and budget.

Discover Italy with us.  Join our teachers and live, learn and love Italian.

Grazie, Antonio




No pre-payment needed. Payment is made to individual schools.

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