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Montepulciano, Tuscany

The main purpose of our Italian language courses is to get our students, even those in the beginner and elementary levels, to the point where they’re able to communicate in Italian. We believe that the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary is important, yet we know that they aren’t enough in themselves. The aim of our classes is to develop proficiency in communication through activities such as games, role-plays, problem solving, dramatizations, listening and reading comprehension using real recordings and texts. What renders the approach we use in class particularly effective is the fact that the activities have an immediate, functional impact on our students’ communication beyond the classroom.

School Name:

Il Sasso Italian Language School


Montepulciano, Tuscany


Activities / Extra:

Guided tour of Montepulciano, Cooking evening, Wine-tasting, Tutorials on history and art history, Walks in the countryside, Trips to Cortona, Lago di Trasimeno, Montalcino.

Person in Charge/Email:

Heike K. Wilms  –

Courses typology:

Group courses, intensive courses (group courses + 1  or 2 hours of  individual class) , individual tuition, family program, Italian History and Current Affairs, Italian Literature,  Speaking about Wine.


Basic apartment, Superior level apartment, single room in shared flat, homestay, hotel

Number max of students:



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