Wherever you are, whenever you want and whatever you like! If you are a beginner or intermediate student of Italian or you just want to maintain, consolidate and practice Italian, an online lesson is your best option. Maximize your time: 60 minutes well structured lessons taught by native teachers with ample experience. A dynamic method […]

   Discover the real beauty of Tuscany: Montepulciano, a wonderful town located on the top of a hill, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves with one of those views which has made Tuscany famous the world over.  Il sasso language school in Montepulciano provides superb opportunities to learn and get out there on foot to discover […]  Study Italian surrounded by thousand years of history: choose Rome for your Italian courses and join Kappa Language School. A dynamic committed school whose dream is of a world without borders or barriers. A world where knowledge is free to pass from one person to another, country to country, where people have the […]

Mondo Italia School comes from years of experience in teaching Italian as second language and from the desire to meet the world in the pearl of Apulia: Lecce. The classes are dynamic and original, structured to meet the needs of everyone. Living in an environment where the Italian language is the only one to be […]

First thing you do when you arrive back in Taormina? The first thing that I would do when I return to Taormina is to visit my host family. They were my gateway into Taormina, and also Sicily, and Italy. The family provided me with help, open arms, AMAZING cooking, and a look into the culture […]

    Community immersion in Agnone, Molise The small historic town of Agnone is home to artisans and food producers with incredible family businesses going back generations. It is a traditional and educated community – speaking good Italian, but no English, and unused to foreign tourism. So it is the perfect place to be immersed […]